[LMB] Monogamy, actuality

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Tue Jun 26 17:49:55 BST 2018

Discussing the various implementations of the general concept of
"polyamory", and looking at statistical claims* regarding the failures
of "monogamy", and complaints about not getting what's needed ...

This all seems to me like any debate about actual ANYTHING versus
conceptual NOT-(YET)-THINGS.  To attempt to defuse, we might
look at actual internal combustion passenger cars versus "Light Flyers".  
(If we wanted to escalate, instead:  an actual thing versus, say,
"stunners."  But no.) 

I'd be eager to test drive a new kind of vehicle that takes me places I 
can't get to in the vehicle I have, or am likely to have.  It'd be cool to
operate transportation that doesn't stop for fuel, and for which the cost of
fuel (whatever it is) doesn't seem to impact the week's budget. It would 
be nice to switch back and forth between being able to operate it
myself (even in unsafe fashion thru rocky canyons, if I choose) or having
a master control system "drive" while I have a nap.  I'd like the
vehicle to pick out its own parking place and tuck itself in.  Better yet,
it should drop me off, curbside, and THEN go tuck itself in, until called
for. VERY very best of all, it'd be so cool if _I_ found and had and 
showed off such a vehicle, while all my friends and co-workers and
peers were "stuck" with old-fashioned cars in the old fashioned traffic
on the old fashioned roads that I am sailing merrily above.

I would not really much care if such a flyer depended on one autogyro
blade, or a hexagon of small counter-rotating drone-like propellers, or
a quinjet of pivoting thrusters ... or anti-grav.  Most of these features can
be envisioned and discussed and maybe even prototyped for a few 
select drivers.  Maybe they even "work" for certain carelessly defined
values of "work".  We could debate which of the concepts and prototypes
are better than the others.  

It is probably not useful to gripe about the cost of gasoline and tires and
air-bag recalls for my current car as I contemplate the beauties of a 
GPS-enabled, AI-driven, lithium-battery, two-passenger scaled-up "drone".

There are actual cars on the market, and there is a range of features and
drawbacks within the market.  Good cars and bad cars and lemons you 
might have to pay to be rid of. Picking out a good car -- suitable to one's
own needs and temperament and budget -- is a challenge.  And it's an on
going series of smaller challenges to keep the car going.   In general, having a 
car tends to be a benefit to the owner-operator.  

I suspect long-surviving institutions like monogamy are similar to long
used contraptions like the automobile. 

*some offered here I think could be refuted, were it worth the time
to anyone so very intensly interested ...

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