[LMB] Happy Birthday to Nancy Barber and Sharon Micenko!

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Wed Jun 27 12:38:19 BST 2018

Wow, it's a double-decker day of delights!  This duo of formidable ladies is the hit of the Hassadar Book Festival.  

Locals, whether businesses, would-be businesses, or private citizens, are thrilled with the chance to discreetly consult with a hydrologist of galactic reputation.  Not only would it give them a jump on less-advertent competition and make obtaining local permits and approvals much easier, it's also extremely useful [and potentially profitable].  Tsipis does some very useful weeding-out, not that Nancy really needs his help.  She knows all about getting things efficiently and kindly, and still having plenty of time for fun.  Her seminar on pin-making and -trading is extra-popular; she's an expert there, too.  Folks are careful to keep it low-key, though, to not interfere with your personal good times.  Well-earned drinks with fruity sticks in the shade are definitely on your menu of the day's delights.

Speaking of well-earned, you should see [and hear] what Sharon Micenko's been up to.  Originally titled "Tips, Tricks, Tropes, & Traps," the name changed to "Dos & Don'ts", to avoid piquing Count Vorkosigan's interest, her panel on historical research with Professora Vorthys and Duv Galeni left lots of authors and scholars very well-informed.  When the topic veered into Barrayaran historical novels and romances, Duv Galeni emerged looking completely croggled, poor fellow; even he had not hitherto suspected just how much work went into "those things." The Professora and Sharon exchanged several smug, conspiratorial glances.  As avid readers and collectors, Nancy and Sharon had cogent comments on marketing, too.

Not that all was work, with so many delights on offer.  There were shopping bags with the Festival's distinctive Book Butterbug logo [designed by Countess VorKosigan] to fill and heap on anti-grav pallets, the passing scene to enjoy, agents and prospective authors circling each other, Tsipis- and Roic-trained folks subtly spotting and dealing with potential predators or other problems. Countess VorKosigan both inspired and sponsored several gardening exhibits and model gardens that were delightful to stroll through, shapes, colors, and scents, all in their seasons and places.  

The human panorama was endlessly fascinating--and delicious, courtesy of Kosti Katering.

We thank you ladies for all your efforts, and hope you enjoy your time at the Hassadar Book Festival.


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