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You know, I wonder what WOULD surprise them?  Incest?  (And this might
lead  to a very interesting discussion of what _does_ and _does not_
constitute "incest."  For instance, do step-siblings count?
Siblings-by-adoption? Relatives by marriage?  In-laws?  Or is it only
incestuous if it's between close genetic kin?)

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> On Mon, 25 Jun 2018 09:44:00 -0500, Beatrice_Otter
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> >Let's look at what we get of Betan attitudes.  Obviously, poly is normal,
> there, from lots of details mentioned in the thread. And when Cordelia
> comes to Barrayar, she gets confused by a lot of sex things, but not by
> monogamy. She thinks it's stingy that you're only ALLOWED one partner (i.e.
> the social pressure forcing it) but doesn't seem to have any problems with
> it as a general concept or as applied to her relationship with Aral.  ("Now
> he's monogamous.")  She's neither offended/sad/regretful that she can't
> have poly relationships publicly (so she's not a heavily poly person being
> forced into monogamy because Barrayar) nor relieved that she is now free
> from poly pressure (so she's not a monogamous person who was forced into
> polygamy because Beta).  Her general attitude seems to be that
> relationships should not be straight jacketed by culture into any
> particular form, but left to the inclinations of the people involved.
> It would seem that poly is, if perhaps not default, certainly on the
> spectrum of unsurprising options on Beta.
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