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>Eric asks:
>You know, I wonder what WOULD surprise them? (Betans) Incest?  (And this
>might lead  to a very interesting discussion of what _does_ and _does not_
>constitute "incest."  For instance, do step-siblings count?
>Siblings-by-adoption? Relatives by marriage?  In-laws?  Or is it only
>incestuous if it's between close genetic kin?)
>Interesting question indeed. The biological problem with incest is genetic.
>With Betan control over pregnancy, and then with gene cleaning, this goes
>Then, of course, there's the issue with power -- father-daughter,
>mother-son, older and younger siblings. This will always be a danger.
>But ... if there's no power imbalance, and there's consent on the part of
>all involved, then is incest a problem?

There's a Theodore Sturgeon story, which came out of his "Ask the next
question" methodology, called "If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let
One Marry Your Sister?"[1] on this very subject.  It was in one of the
Dangerous Visions anthologies.  

[1]It was also interesting in that it was told from the viewpoint of
multiple characters, *none* of them the protagonist.
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