[LMB] Monogamy

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 29 18:14:13 BST 2018

Weighing in late on this - I've been catching up after some delays due

to r/l stuff.

I'm going back to the OP a bit here. And I agree, in part. At first I was quite
confronted by the idea that the wonderful Cordelia-Aral relationship, which
was the basis for the entire saga, wasn't what I'd thought it to be.

Yes, I'm monogamous (although I sometimes think that having a few extra
husbands would be helpful). And the idea that the foundation relationship of
the saga, the rock that secured everything else, wasn't what it had seemed,
did shake things a bit. I accept it now because Lois wrote it so well, and
because it showed that Cordelia's amazing love, strength and generosity of spirit
led to such wonderful outcomes.

I also think it's sad that Oliver had to be such a shadowy figure, and the triad
relationship, while not totally secret, wasn't official. He was very much an
added extra.

But I also think that people here should be able to express an opinion in
safety. Yes, in a way the OP was judgemental, but only because we make
judgements about every aspect of every story, in our opinions. I know that
various relationship structures appeal more to some than others, and there's

plenty of different ways to organise relationships. But people have a right to
say that they personally prefer one or another, especially as it relates to
particular characters. If someone expresses a certain opinion and someone
else disagrees, it can lead to some fantastic, in-depth and possibly opinion-
changing exchanges. But that can't happen if the first few responses are all
simply criticism for holding that opinion at all. Everyone has a right to
how they think and feel, and when it's expressed simply and without any
intention of offence, it should be an accepted post that is either the beginning

of a great discussion, or politely ignored. If we tell posters that they can't
express their own opinions because they don't agree with someone else,
this becomes a bland, narrow-minded board.

We all find different aspects of the books and characters that speak to us,

and others that are very confronting. I feel great sympathy for a baby-killer,
and I'm still really upset about all the stolen souls that were stopped from
going to the Gods. There's some minor characters I love, others I don't like
at all, and it's not always the ones that a reader is meant to like or dislike.
But that's my personal judgement, and it makes sense to me. Others can
disagree with me, that's fine, but they can't just tell me that I'm not
allowed to hold those opinions.

Ok, sorry, rant done.

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