[LMB] Monogamy

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 29 18:30:01 BST 2018

Still catching up, now partway through the Monogamy thread.

There's some questions about Jole's appearances earlier in the series.
I didn't notice him much until Vor Game; he was there when Miles and
Elena were brought in to see Aral, he quietly sent their guide away and
then settled down in the outer office to wait. Somehow it was clear that
he knew exactly what was going on. And I was surprised that he never
popped up much in later books, there was just something about him in
that scene that stuck in my mind, and signalled that he was an important
character. Some characters just seem to leap off the page at you.

Of course, then he did pop up in a later book, and it All Became Clear.

Ok, still catching up.

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