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Harvey I only used the handouts for my history classes. Mostly illustrations and cartoons to emphasise a point . 

I too filled many a blackboard - particularly when I had a class that had a problem with discipline . They had to shut up to keep up with me. I had two blackboards in the front of the room . I would write on one until it was full then swap hands and continue on the other one. The kids would start muttering ' she's really weird'  what they didn't know was at the time I started teachers college you couldn't be accepted if you were left handed ( like me) because you could warp the children's poor little psyches . Fortunately I was ambidextrous . My classes hadn't seen a left handed teacher before. 

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On 30 Jun 2018, at 4:08 PM, Harvey Fishman <fishman at panix.com> wrote:

>> I attended primary school in the mid 1940s and the teachers did not have any modern conveniences such as Gestetner machines, spirit duplicators, or copiers. That was what blackboards and student notebooks were for.
> And it did work; we learned as we wrote. I had a class my junior year in college (differential equations), where I filled up about four inches of notebook copying what the teacher laboriously wrote out on the blackboards. He had a slew of them and rolled another into position when he filled one. It worked; I aced the course and was a whiz with differential equations all my life.
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