[LMB] Light flyers a ground cars was Monogamy actually

Jonathan Spencer jonrspence at aol.com
Sat Jun 30 12:12:11 BST 2018

Let’s see, if an air flyer fails, one crashes more often than not, when a ground car fails, your risk of crashing is much less. So safety is an issue, unless you posit a failsafe light flyer.   What are the advantages of lightflyers over cars? Well you don’t need to build roads. You may still need flight paths and some from of traffic control system, but you don’t need to build actual paved roads. You need fewer bridges and tunnels , and I am sure there are other advantages, but until you have an actual technological implementation, it’s hard to evaluate the trade offs. 

Older technologies can be amazingly resilient. The humble pencil is unlikely to disappear soon, and while my use of paper at work is finally starting to decline, there are still uses for which there is no electronic substitute.

Jonathan Spencer
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>> I am having trouble parsing this message as anything but an assertion
>> that poly is to monogamy as a lightflyer is to a current automobile.
>> And I really don't think that's the case.  A lightflyer is so much
>> better than a current automobile that if they were equally available,
>> I can't imagine that anyone would use an automobile except historical
>> recreationists (e.g. the Society for Creatively Anachronistic
>> Automotives).

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