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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 30 12:31:36 BST 2018

From: Helen Fenton <hifenton at internode.on.net>

Some snippage.....

On 30 Jun 2018, at 3:57 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> My first experience of using photocopiers was at university.
> After about the third time it caught fire they started to discourage me
> from using it.

I always had problems with items of modern technology  even when I was attending teachers College in the early 1970's . In those days the most modern piece of technology they taught us to use was an overhead projector. In my first year out we used an old fashioned hand cranked gestetner machine to make handouts for the children.
What about you Gwynne?

After long years of practice I became brilliant at designing and making
booklets of lessons and activities for my class (I had a gifted class for a
few years - Years 4, 5 and 6, so there were a lot of different programs
going on at once. I'd make each group their own booklet.)  I also became
brilliant at fixing jammed photocopiers. Plenty of practice. I'd even
unjam them for other people. There are advantages to being incompetent.

I remember the gestetners, I was never allowed to use one. I did spend
many years doing stencils - in a variety of colours! I was SO motivated.
But in the early days my secret weapon was a jelly pad. You cook it up from
gelatine, set it in a tray, and use carbon paper to make stencils - mirror
imaged ones. Then you smooth the carbon side over the jelly pad and
let the colour sink in. You can print about 30 books off the pad, it's great -
no paste or scissors needed to glue things into books!  Usually two book
pages fit the tray, so you can do two stencils in a short time.
On warm days the colour sinks into the pad after about an hour, and you
can print a different stencil.

It was a wonderful, neat and efficient way to do it, except that on really
hot summer days it would melt a bit. Have to love Aussie summers.


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