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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 30 12:51:09 BST 2018

From: Helen Fenton <hifenton at internode.on.net>

I too filled many a blackboard - particularly when I had a class that had a problem with discipline . They had to shut up to keep up with me. I had two blackboards in the front of the room . I would write on one until it was full then swap hands and continue on the other one. The kids would start muttering ' she's really weird'  what they didn't know was at the time I started teachers college you couldn't be accepted if you were left handed ( like me) because you could warp the children's poor little psyches . Fortunately I was ambidextrous . My classes hadn't seen a left handed teacher before.

Gwynne: You must have been just a little before me - by the time I got
there they were (grudgingly) accepting lefties. I know that some previous
years you were permitted to be a leftie as long as you only wrote on the
board with your right hand. (Nobody ever cared about how lefties learned
to write, but you couldn't warp the righties.)

I loved chalkboards - if the class wouldn't settle I'd run my fingernails down
the board. You only have to do that a couple of times, and after that the
threat is enough.

I loved overhead projectors, too - one of the few pieces of technology that
mostly worked for me. I could write in lovely colours, and stay facing the
class instead of turning my back to use the chalkboard (some classes you
really didn't want to turn your back for too long.)

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