[LMB] Monogamy, actuality

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the in-laws of my children, yes. m in-laws, no.        ymmv
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One thing about a large circle of "in laws" is that you have a lot bigger
support system for when things go South.  Having had to operate on my own
_de facto_ since college, I can appreciate that in ways that people who
feel oppressed by their big families can't imagine.

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> Some snippage....
> pouncer at aol.com wrote:
> > I suspect long-surviving institutions like monogamy are similar to long
> > used contraptions like the automobile.
> ... Some people just don't feel a significant attraction
> to more than one partner.  Some feel an attraction, but wouldn't be
> comfortable with their partners having other partners, so live within
> the constraints of fairness.....Some feel an attraction, but find that
> *one* relationship is complicated enough to do well, and don't want
> to mess it up.
> Joel
> Gwynne: Surely another important factor is that the more people in the
> relationship, the more in-laws you have. That could be pleasant, or
> tolerable, or the seventh circle of Hell.
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