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>Not part of the sequence of comments, just a random thought.
>Family. Definition of... which is thrown around in so many ways through
>the series.
>The central family of the series is an odd bundle of immediate relatives
>and cousins.
>Mark is a clone of Miles, and Cordelia instantly sweeps him into the
>family, where he's (gradually) accepted. But from the first moment they
>met, Miles had a link to Mark, and a special interest. Clone son/brother,
>whatever, he was connected.
>Tej is very close to her family, all her sibs and half-sibs. But then she
>mentions that her mother sold eggs to raise funds. What about those
>possible part-sibs? She doesn't seem to feel a connection.
>The Cetas, at least the Haut, have an odd combination of genetic
>connection and total disconnect with their offspring.
>To bring this back to the book, Oliver is asked if he'd like to donate his
>spare gametes at the clinic. And he recoils from the idea. A few days
>before he had no idea or plan about ever having children, now he
>can't take the idea of having offspring he never knows.
>With all the possible combinations in the book, and now, how do we
>and they define family, and parents? I just read an article about a 58-year-
>-old woman who carried a baby and gave birth, using donated egg and
>sperm and IVF. She has no genetic connection to her baby, but she's the
>mother. Other women are surrogates for a couple, using their own or
>donated eggs. It's all getting a bit complicated, in the books and for us.
>So who are 'family'? Is that genetic connection strong and important?
>Should Oliver donate spare gametes without a problem?

I've always felt "family" is something you do, not something you are.

My BestBeloved has 6 cousins, 3 of which are adoptees.  We regard them
all the same.

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavours
 and furniture polish is made from real lemons.  - Alfred E. Neuman

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