[LMB] Happy Birthday, Judy Johnson!

adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 13 12:02:00 GMT 2018

For your special day, you get to go on a ghost tour in Vorbarr Sultana with Byerly.  [Your shock at him doing something so close to "real work" lessens considerably when you find out about the Ma Kosti snacks in the offing.  It's also great for his Impsec operations: no creditor could ever expect to find him there, so it's a believable cover story for his townclown persona.  Plus, Ma Kosti snacks.  Even more plausible, because true.]  

It's a tour customized to your preferences, for an intriguing mixture of intense history of some buildings, with a bit of walking [the latter interspersed with acerbic commentary on the streets underfoot, the former with acerbic commentary on plumbing--especially lack thereof, political savvy--especially lack thereof, etc. 
 He's ever-so-elegantly irreverent, but unexpectedly informative.  By the end, you have whole new understand of the historical & geographical forces that shaped the city, portrayed by a few vivid personalities.  Best of all are the Ma Kosti snacks in a comfortable, shaded nook in Count Vorkosigan's public gardens. [Designed by the Countess, dontchaknow. Rumor is, she hand-tuned the rocks herself.]

I hope you enjoy your trip.


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