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> Brand name for rubber flip flops or sandals. In oz they are referred to as thongs to the great amusement of visiting yanks. Aussies wear them everywhere - the beach, shopping, restaurants pubs etc . One of my brothers who lived in Queensland wore his 24/7 he didn't own any other shoes. But you must take into account the weather we have here. No extremes of cold basically it's bloody hot, stinking hot, hot, wet or windy. We don't have four distinct seasons - no Autumn or spring in most of oz. winter we might put on jeans and a jumper (sweater to you us types) if it's really cold to us we would put on a pair of trainers and maybe a jacket if it was really cold. An aboriginal boy I went to school with was a very fine football player ( rugby union) who went on to represent oz in a couple of tours of England but he couldn't kick a goal with his footie boots on. He had to pull them off before he went for the kick.

I find flip flops to be the most uncomfortable kind of shoes I have ever worn.   Obviously lots of people find them comfortable.   I have three pairs of shoes, one decades old pair of running shoes, some golf shoes, and a pair of sneakers designed for hiking.   I like rubber souls and a good fit that are safe and quiet.   (I live in Colorado)

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