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>>> At last, a technical explanation!
>>> https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/food-better-leftovers-next-day
>> Also, letting cooked pasta cool and re-heating it improves its dietary value.
>That, we actually knew. It reduces either the glucose load or the glucose index—can’t remember which, but it’s important for diabetics.
>Husband won’t eat root vegetables or rice now—I’m happy to report that the nearest sushi restaurant offers both riceless rolls and happily does custom rolls. This means —I— can have sushi on date nights.
>Cauliflower has proven acceptable as a pasta/potato substitute for GF/celiac and diabetic folks. I had some underneath my stew last night and I enjoyed it. The cauliflower was tossed in herb butter and roasted, not just steamed. Bought the package at WFM: the instructions said to roast it on a baking sheet. 
>Not doing it that way again: a pain to get into a serving bowl and to clean burnt bits the sheet. As it doesn’t fit in our sink, I “soaked” it with sopping wet paper towels, something I discovered when working in an office with no sink, in the 80s. Leave it be for an hour or so, and much less effort to lift the last sticking bits.

I recommend silicone baking sheets. Sit on top of the metal one (they
have no real structural integrity).  Much easier to clean than metal
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