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Ista was also suffering from a full-blown clinical depression throughout the Curse of Chalion, until the very end when Caz and The Daughter blew the lid off.

But also, the Provincara's household, which reflected the old lady's personality, was conventional, concrete-minded, and well-ordered. A maverick like Ista would be seen as either mad or bad by the ladies therein ... as witness Lady dyHuelta's carrying-on after her "rescue." Ista's younger companions, members if Iselles generation, understood her a lot better.
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I thought the _CoC_ contrast, mid-book, between Caz and Ista was
Ista has had direct -- invasive -- experience of transcendent powers.
And when she tries to discuss those perceptions, she is counted as
mad. Caz in particular is careful to consider what tenor of sense might
lie within the vehicle of Ista's ravings -- and isn't ready to figure it out.

That Ista is WIDELY considered mad strongly suggests that Caz's
attitude toward theology is more common among the public ?than, say,
Umegat's.? Were "true believers" frequent visitors in Valenda, Ista's
conversations would be better attended, if not better understood.

Gwynne: Ista is fairly over-the-top about it all: crying a lot, or
 becoming uncommunicative; constant night-long vigils, and the
biggest problem was that she'd make comments, things that made
sense to her in light of her experiences, but that seemed senseless
and disturbed to the people around her. It wasn't her beliefs that
were the problem, it was her behaviours. Even Ista herself, looking
back, sees that she was seriously disturbed.

Nobody thinks she's crazy later, as a Saint of the Bastard (well, not
once they see what she can do, anyway.)

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