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That said, the idiot managed to last only four years before being offed.

About the only non-Roman viewpoint we have on him is the* Embassy to Gaius*,
written by Philo Judaeus.  He, along with some other Judaean bigshots, was
sent to Rome to try to get Caligula to understand that meddling with the
Jews' religion would not be a good idea.  His portrait of Caligula is that
of a nasty, sarcastic swine, but not over-the-top raving mad like in* I,
Claudius.  *

*snicker*  It'd have been interesting to see what he'd have written if he'd
been privileged to see Caligula doing that dance as a goddess that he does
in* I, Claudius. * When I watched it again I was struck by how much
Caligula resembled Dr. Frank N. Furter.

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> A lot of the stories about Caligula may stem from his enemies winning - it
> seems a common slander tactic in ancient Rome was to accuse your enemies of
> sexual perversions.
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