[LMB] Birthday Tixies times 2 todat

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Fri Aug 2 17:59:26 BST 2019

Kathy Martin, congratulations on birthday #69! Your present today is a
lovely trip to Ylla, where you will be hosted by Ivan and Tej. Your
activities range from lazing about a warm pool with a drink with fruit and
an umbrella, to a rousing game of Great House to well, pretty much what you
would like (Ivan knows one city in Ylla with an exciting night life, and he
still has enough blackmail material on Byerly so he would escort you). So
today you have many choices, though the day will end with a lovely banquet
in your honor.

Happy Birthday!!!

Gerlinde Kettl, we're so happy that it's your 49th birthday! Your tour will
be on Escobar, a beautiful planet with colonists with Spanish roots. You are
also allowed to be guided through the Durona Labs, with a gratis treatment
(courtesy of MVK Enterprises) that is said to leave your cells lightly
amused and entertained. It's certainly relaxing, and you feel a lot better
after it. This is followed up by a walking guided run through the main
city's more discreet night spots, and birthday cake at midnight (since you
took a siesta like everyone else, you're not really that tired). 

Happy Birthday!!!

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net

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