[LMB] Belief: Was What makes a character irredeemable?

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Reading his stuff and looking at his cartoons, I get the strong impression
that Thurber had...issues, shall we say?...with women in general.  Oddly
enough, my mother was the one that introduced me to Thurber.  And Philip
Wylie.  I've told a woman who grumbled about me quoting H.L. Mencken (to
whom Mom also introduced me) that "as long as I'm quoting Mencken, things
are all right.  If I go to Ambrose Bierce or Philip Wylie, batten down the

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> Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Personally, I like to counter arguments for monotheism with a reference
> to
> > James Thurber's lovely short-short story, "The Unicorn in the Garden."  I
> > say that if I awoke, as his protagonist does, to find a unicorn in my
> > garden (read "back yard," I think) I would not assume that it was unique.
> Addressing only this point...  Thurber was American, so I presume
> that he was using "garden" in the American sense: a part of that
> property devoted to growing plants.  If you want to get all serious
> about how the story works logically, one might infer that that garden
> was entirely out of view from any of the neighbours, so there were no
> other people to interview regarding possibly witnessing said unicorn,
> so the wife could spend the rest of her married life in the booby hatch.
> And that she didn't have useful legal representation, etc.
> That's one of my favourite Thurber stories, enough so that one of my
> SCA device submissions was based on it.  ("Vert, a unicorn rampant
> and an orle of liles argent", IIRC.  It's one of the three device
> submissions that the heralds lost in process, before I gave up entirely
> on the system.)  But it does make me uncomfortable about the fate of
> the wife, horrid as she is.
> Joel
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