[LMB] What makes a character irredeemable?

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Sat Aug 3 18:28:24 BST 2019

It's like a joke about lightbulbs, isn't it?  First, a  bulb must  WANT to 
be changed ...
Dondo denied it was dark. 
Bothari ... chose to be otherwise.  Not, perhaps, a creature of sweetness 
and light. But changed.  He wanted to change, he sought help and direction 
about the change, he was instructed -- blood washes away sin -- and he took 
on, begged for, a new and changed task.  "Let me help." 
In the 5GU where "death magic" and "miracles of justice" are, if not 
commonplace, subjects for replication studies -- I wonder about other
related sacrificial rites.  In particular a rite where a desperate
worshiper begs the Mother of Summer: "I freely offer my life and soul now, 
and beg You heal my beloved."  Or even: "Take my life now, but ease and end 
my beloved's suffering." There are certainly enough such desperate prayers
offered up in other universes to other gods that we can be sure the proposal 
has been made in the 5GU. 

But then I imagine a worshiper who, granted the boon and tasked to some
new mission decreed by the generous god -- chooses to renege.  "Hell no,
I said I'd do anything but I sure as hell never meant going to NINEVEH!" 
Or whatever.  

I think, perhaps, breaking a convenient might be grounds for irredemption. 
Or it might amuse Great Powers to demonstrate that free will IS free but 
not quite AS free as the free-willed would like. 

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