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Sat Aug 3 20:50:08 BST 2019

On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 2:36 PM Alex Kwan <litalex at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don’t diss people’s sexual kinks, as long as they’re consensual and
> don’t involved children. And there are people who like role-playing being
> looked down upon for sex, etc.

Yes, but Elagabalus was the Emperor at the time.  Which means everyone
around was obliged to tolerate his forcing of his kinks onto them.  I try
to be very tolerant of people's private preferences - emphasis on *private*.
If you enjoy being covered in Vaseline, dressed in diapers, and beaten with
waffles, that's just fine, assuming you're in the privacy of your own
home.  Doing those things on your front lawn is another matter.  And it's a
completely different matter if you're the PotuS on the front lawn of the
White House.  Which Elagabalus basically was.  The Roman attitudes towards
sexual behavior are part of the context here, and it was considered
shameful for men to take on 'submissive' roles.  To do so voluntarily... I
can't immediately think of an equivalent behavior in our society.  But it'd
be a big deal.

I don't think absolute power, or the semblance of absolute power (which is
generally all people actually have) is good for anyone; while I think
people generally put too much emphasis on age, teens having absolute power
strikes me as a particularly bad idea.  Especially if they've never been
given freedom combined with responsibility for the consequences before -
people of any age respond badly to not developing a modicum of self-control
because control's always been imposed.

Matt "I fear the consequences of Rule 34" G.

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