[LMB] OT: Language

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Sun Aug 4 00:01:47 BST 2019

Does anyone on the list remember a book named, "The Languages of Pao"? It's premise was that you could control a society by changing the language. I think we are experiencing that now. Control the language, control the world.

Example 1: Fascism

 Fascism was started by Mussolini, at its base it is government control of all business. Fascism is always totalitarian. There is no such thing as a small government Fascist. However, leftists are redefining Fascist as, "Anyone who disagrees with me."

Example 2: Racism

At one time racism meant looking down on people of other races and treating them badly. Now, it's for whites (I find the term silly. Even albinos are not really white.) only no other group can be racist and it makes no difference how you treat people of other races. Not caring about race is racist.

Example 3: Gender

The word used to be sex. Gender was used to distinguish word ending and grammar. Now you have to use a back construction and say biological sex.

Toleration used to be not hurting people who disagree with you. Now, not so much.

William A. Wenrich

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