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I am not willing to engage with you. That's why I didn't tell you the ways
I disagree with you. Neither of us will convince the other, so any exchange
between us is meaningless.

On Saturday, August 3, 2019, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:

> Does anyone on the list remember a book named, "The Languages of Pao"?
> It's premise was that you could control a society by changing the language.
> I think we are experiencing that now. Control the language, control the
> world.
> Example 1: Fascism
>  Fascism was started by Mussolini, at its base it is government control of
> all business. Fascism is always totalitarian. There is no such thing as a
> small government Fascist. However, leftists are redefining Fascist as,
> "Anyone who disagrees with me."
> Example 2: Racism
> At one time racism meant looking down on people of other races and
> treating them badly. Now, it's for whites (I find the term silly. Even
> albinos are not really white.) only no other group can be racist and it
> makes no difference how you treat people of other races. Not caring about
> race is racist.
> Example 3: Gender
> The word used to be sex. Gender was used to distinguish word ending and
> grammar. Now you have to use a back construction and say biological sex.
> Toleration used to be not hurting people who disagree with you. Now, not
> so much.
> William A. Wenrich
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> do no other. God help me.
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