[LMB] KC: Learning Curve

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 13:06:48 BST 2019

Barr's found Lily, he has to establish trust.

During the whole time they're travelling together, he's extremely
concerned with how to act properly, all the responsibility of being
her father, how to teach and train her, her abilities, the future...

He does spare a moment to note that at some point he should tell
her not to go trustingly into the woods with strange men.

What he DOESN'T think about his how a romantically-minded young
teen girl will respond to an attractive young man who rescues her.
There's a whole HUGE series of romantic tropes there, years of fairy
tales and romantic imaginings. He's so busy learning to feel like a
father that he forgets that to her he's falling into a certain role.

Oddly, it's an echo of his (short) relationship with Bluebell, that we're
discussing on another thread: Barr is living in his Lakewalker patroller
head, Lily is surrounded by farmer fairy tales and customs. They speak
the same words, but with different meanings.

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