[LMB] Belief: Was What makes a character irredeemable?

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> Though Islam has it too.  Rare by religion, but half the global 
> population between the two of them. :)

Matthew George:

I've always been told that Islam is orthopraxic, although clearly this 
might vary across time, between sects, and even among individuals.

Beatrice Otter:

Islam is indeed orthopraxic.  Consider that the definition of a Muslim is one who follows the Five Pillars of Islam:

1) Profession of faith ("There is no god but God (and) Muhammad is the messenger of God.")

2) Prayer

3) Almsgiving

4) Fasting

5) Pilgrimmage

Only one has to do with belief (you do not have to believe to pray; it can be a sort of meditative exercise), and the belief required is fairly minimal.  There's more that the vast majority of Muslims believe, but it is not 100% required.  Islam puts more emphasis on belief than most religions other than Christianity do, but it is still waaaaaaaaay over to the orthoprax side compared to Christianity.

> And Quintarian religion makes 
> me think of the role of Shinto and Buddhism in a lot of Japanese 
> society: neither orthodox nor orthoprax, at least as a social 
> obligation.  No one cares what you believe and, as far as I can tell, no 
> one cares much whether you show up either, unlike the Romans. 

Matthew George:
But there are church taxes. 

Beatrice Otter:

Yes.  And some of those taxes go to purely religious stuff (paying divines, paying for temple choirs and all of the smells and bells), and some of those taxes go to social programs.  The soldiers of the Daughter, for example, who clear out bandits.  Hospitals.  Hostels for travelers.  Orphanages.  All sorts of things which even a committed atheist might well approve of.

Beatrice Otter

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