[LMB] Lakewalkers

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 5 07:47:57 BST 2019

There are no gods apparent in the WGW. 'Absent Gods' is one of
Dag's favourite oaths.

And yet, the Lakewalker culture operates very much like a religion.

They live a constrained, streamlined, rigorous life, with all their
resources devoted to one duty. All of Lakewalker life is aimed at
keeping the clan going, and maintaining their responsibilities
towards the cause.

They live apart from mainstream life.

They keep many of their rituals secret.

Value of a person is judged by their contribution towards the cause.

They limit the use of their powers and deliberately avoid stepping
outside their chosen path (No more Lords!)

Their reward is off in an undefined future. They will devote their
whole lives to the cause; performing the duty is its own reward
without expecting anything more.

One of their greatest, most feared punishments is excommunication.

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