[LMB] Is Barr a rapist? or I'm misunderstanding beguilement?

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I’m starting to wonder what the list would call adequate punishment for Barr’s crime. Personal embarrassment he got when he confessed to Dag and Fawn. Public embarrassment is still in the future but he can see it coming. As well as career development issues. His plan to take Lily to Dag and Fawn instead of taking her home seems to be more for her sake than his.
So what would be enough? Execution? Castration? Imprisonment? Horse whipping? All these are RL punishments that have been imposed for rape. Community service? As a patroller he is committed to a lifetime of that. Taking responsibility for his actions? Well he seems to be doing that as well.

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I am not sure those things can be considered "paying" for it, or to say it
in another way, we *know* he paid for it, and he will never do it again and
he's very ashamed.
But we *know* those things because we are inside his head. If we were
people *inside* the story, without knowing what he feels and thinks, we
would be very wary of him and perhaps even think him as an unpunished

Gwynne: I know that when we heard that story when we first met Barr in the
saga, I was very put off by it, and didn't like the character at all. For a long time.
It wasn't until his Ruth moment, when Barr chose to stay with Dag and Remo
went back, that I started to see something more in him, he learned a great
deal from Dag, and from Fawn, and he really did improve over time.

Remo, OTOH, really didn't grow much. He was a fairly good person from the
start, but rather immature and gloomy, and he didn't show so much development.
He was a nice guy, and always will be, but without much drive or vision.  By
comparison Barr started a LOT lower, but he did learn a great deal more, and
he did improve. And in KC he has so many echoes of Dag, you can see how
much he learned, and how he uses that knowledge.
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