[LMB] OT: Birthday Tixie

Pruehs, Ree RPruehs at BROOKSUPG.COM
Mon Aug 5 19:05:13 BST 2019

> Ree Pruehs, congratulations on being 62 today! You are cordially invited 
> to a cruise with Penric, Desdemona and Nikys, though we will be skipping 
> some of the islands this time around, and we'll have a war galley for escort.
> Just to avoid those little misunderstandings that people are prone to these 
> days. Everyone is happy, including the places we stop at that somehow 
> become more rat and bug free as we stop to picnic and otherwise bask in 
> the sun for the several days that you will stay.

Thank you, Tixie! What a delightful birthday surprise!

OT: We once took a cruise through the tail end of Hurricane Ivan (hm,  maybe this is ObBujold after all?), which had followed the North American east coast up to Canada. My DH wandered around the ship while I was parked unhappily in the cabin we-won't-discuss-why. The ship had some auto-levelling pool tables; someone had forgotten to turn the poor things off.  So over a very short space of time, the tables dipped one corner close to the ground and then boosted the same corner several feet off the ground -- really rocking and rolling. Later he saw that they were stably perpendicular to the floor and had to wonder if they had finally been turned off or had burned out from sheer exhaustion.


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