[LMB] Is Barr a rapist? or I'm misunderstanding beguilement?

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Mon Aug 5 19:57:14 BST 2019

I forget how it came out.  Was Barr kicked out for beguiling, or was it
something that came out when he was on the river with Dag?

Assuming the latter... there's no grand law and order, especially
between Lakewalker and farmer, so as senior patroller present he gets to
work things out from first principles.  What are judicial responses to a

revenge/punishment: eye for an eye.  Alice made Bob suffer, so Alice
should suffer too.  Very emotionally appealing.  But punishment by
itself doesn't actually do anything useful. Wouldn't even make Bell feel
better if no one tells her about it.

deterrence: the better justification for punishment.  We make you suffer
now so that you or someone else think better about doing this in the
future.  But deterring the criminal is a bit pointless if they're
already remorseful, and deterring anyone else doesn't work if you keep
the whole thing secret.

reparation: a time-honored practice, fines and weregild.  But the
question of an exchange rate between horses and beguilement is made moot
by Bell telling Barr to get lost and stay away.

rehabilitation: making the offender a better person so they won't do it
again.  Dag has pulled that off.  Socially rehab without reparation or
punishment might create the risk of people thinking they get a free
offense, but since the whole thing is kept secret, that's not an issue.

Would the world be better if Barr had been flogged?

Perhaps he should have offered trade goods to Bell as reparation, but
accepting would require her explaining where they came from, and she
apparently just wanted to quietly move on.

-xx- Damien X-)

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