[LMB] Is Barr a rapist? or I'm misunderstanding beguilement?

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Mon Aug 5 23:24:27 BST 2019

Rape or not, and setting aside any question of beguilement or abuse of
power, Barr clearly put Bluebell at great  risk of "ruin". 

It's a bit different from Dag and Fawn.  Fawn would not be proud to say
so and would probably express it differently, but by the time she and
Dag took to experimenting,  Fawn was already well and truly "ruined"
as far as her family's and community's expectations, and her own
reputation, were concerned.  Sunny planned to "ruin" her even 
more, should Fawn complain.  

In Barr's defense, Dag's ignorance of Farmer sexual expectations
suggests that (the much younger) Barr's ignorance would be even
more empty-headed.  Had Bluebell neither caught pregnant, (a risk
Barr seems not to appreciate) nor been beguiled (a risk Barr 
understood, at the time, no  better than Dag or any other Lakewalker)
her reputation and marriage market value among Farmers and other 
potential marriage  partners was -- at best - changed.  Fid
quite salvaged Bluebell, in the event.   

Not to apportion blame, but Bluebell was in the better-informed 
position to decide whether or not the risks of the game were proportionate
to  the amusement.  "Ruin" is not an equally distributed risk. Barr's
viewpoint in _KC_ indicates he, even decades later, had little idea
such a risk existed. The smith's daughter's statements indicate even
a young female, among Farmers,  is generally conversant with the risk.  
Two children, playing with matches, but only one aware that fire can

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