[LMB] OT: Beer (WAS:- Meat)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Tue Aug 6 07:39:29 BST 2019

Richard's Geneticist's dreams include:-

 >A strain of brewers yeast that can tolerate 25% alcohol by volume.

Be very careful, Richard, to specify its flavour as well as its
strength. My peeve about many strong beers is that the flavour
deteriorates in inverse proportion to the strength - the great
thing about Carlsberg's Elephant Extra Strong is not that it's
10.5% but that it still tastes (reasonably) pleasant.

IMHO beer should be quaffed to be enjoyed (quaffing is like
drinking - but you spill more [Terry Pratchett]) and great
strength is counter-productive because you fall over before
your thirst has been quenched.

James - who has successfully walked from the Andechs Brewery
(run by monks in rural Bavaria since 1455) after drinking
three litres of their Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel (I had
intended to drink two, but someone bought me a third and at
that point it seemed a shame to waste it - it's good stuff,
I had no hangover) 

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