[LMB] OT: Beer (WAS:- Meat)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Tue Aug 6 12:43:57 BST 2019

Richard observes that:-

 > Flavor is up to the Brewer; not the yeast.

By no means - yeasts may produce glycerol,
methanol, fusel oils, succinic acid, acetic
acid, acetaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, pyruvic
acid, and various esters, ketones, lactones,
phenols and acetals in additional to ethanol,
all of which contribute to the final flavour
of the wine or beer.

The brewer/vintner can fine-tune the process
by controlling the yeast's environment but
the choice of yeast is critical in defining
the flavour.

James - who uses yeast more for bread than
for potables (and the choice of yeast affects
the texture and flavour of the bread too)

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