[LMB] Language drift on Barrayar

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Dono felt a difference in how he was treated as soon as he left Beta and it started before then. Some Betans switched back and forth routinely. Most never change sex. I didn’t see any reference to identifying with a gender (non-CIS). The attitude seemed to be, whatever your body is, that’s what you are. Sex as opposed to gender.

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Ethan's experiences on Kline Station were of pretty nasty homophobia
-- not "you're weird, but whatever floats your boat" or "I really
hate being solicited", but active disgust and impending violence.
Beta would have been different, of course.  I don't think we've got data
apart from that.  Jackson's Whole would be "whatever you can afford,
we can supply", but that's a different thing, basically no taboos of
any kind in certain quarters.

Gwynne: There's also a fairy general reaction to herms - some places more
than others.

But some forms of prejudice would probably be seen less because people have
more choices; height, weight, hair/eye/skin colour, beauty, gender and sexuality
are all controllable and changeable. There's a passing comment somewhere (NO
AGAIN) that some Betans have a sex-change just to see what it's like and change
back when they feel like it. Old ideas about the value of people of any particular
race, gender, etc are harder to maintain when the person you're criticising could
have been totally different last week, and will change again in a month or two.
Once those features are a free choice and not inherited, it's even more obviously
foolish to be biased against them.
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