[LMB] Welcome Beatriz!

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 7 03:05:45 BST 2019

Beatriz Esparza Ech?varri <besparzae at gmail.com> wrote:
> No, I don't think I will go to World SF Convention in Dublin.
> I have never been to a convention. Is it interesting?

Well, fundamentally, you've got a bunch of people gathered to share
their common interest in fantasy and science fiction.  So if that's
a thing you find interesting, yes, it's interesting.  Depending on
the convention, there are likely to be panel discussions and open
sessions about various topics related to that general subject area.
There may be speeches by guests of honour; there may be opportunities
to have quiet chats with the people who create the various works.
There will certainly be times and places to just hang out with other
fans.  The details are highly variable.

Some conventions are relatively small; some are quite large.  Some focus
on just one aspect of SF fandom, others are general.  My preferred style
is small-ish, with one track of programming that's all worth being at.
At the other end of the scale are things like the World SF Conventions,
which can have thousands of people and many concurrent programming
tracks.  And there are the related events like the Comic-Cons, which
draw upwards of a couple of hundred thousand people... not my kind of
thing at all.

There's almost certainly a convention that would suit you.  I do
suggest that you do a bit of "shopping" before going to your first one.


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