[LMB] Is Barr a rapist? or I'm misunderstanding beguilement?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 7 09:55:48 BST 2019

From: "M R Dolbear fm" <little.egret at dolbear.fastmail.fm>

On Tue, 6 Aug 2019, at 08:31, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> I think we need to make sure we're using the right terms; beguilement
> is when a Lakewalker has used their power on someone and didn't finish
> the process properly, so that the victim has an uncontrollable urge to
> reconnect.
> This can happen after a healing, or when someone has tried to implant a
> suggestion. ......

You have an incomplete here since it doesn't cover Dag's persuasion of the wedding clerk - no long term effect.

Gwnne: Dag knew how to avoid beguilement by then so the persuasion didn't
have a long-term effect. Not all persuasions did, even before Dag's discoveries.
But when they did the results were often catastrophic. We see Hod leave his
job and old life behind to follow Dag, and deliberately injure himself to get more
reinforcements. Once Dag knew how to unbeguile him, it stopped. There's plenty
of tales about farmers running after their Lakewalker, even committing suicide
when they couldn't reunite.

The wedding clerk was given a little nudge, but there were no lasting effects. Dag
knew how to stop them.

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