[LMB] Embarassing Stuff OT: (WAS:- Is Barr a rapist?)

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 7 16:44:26 BST 2019

From: anmar Caver <anmar.mirza at gmail.com>

> Gwynne refers to
(Actually it wasn't me)
>  >people who <SNIP!> do stuff embarrassing such
>  >as running to the garage in their underwear.
> What's embarrassing about that?
> James - who has done it in the altogether
> (but whose garden/yard is not overlooked)
"I don't even have a garage, you can call home and ask my wife!"
Joys of country living deep in the woods: I don't have to worry who might
get offended a my state of dress or undress. The occasional random
trespasser is responsible for their own prudishness. Invitees will be
accorded modesty as befitting their own mores. But its never been
embarrassing to me, I just don't want to offend the public.

Gwynne: It's nothing to do with dementia, but most people at some stage
reach the age of 'What the Hell'. Who cares what the neighbours think. You
see that so many things you worried about when you were younger either
don't matter or have already happened - and you didn't die of embarrassment,
you survived it all. It's very relaxing.

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