[LMB] OT: Pratchett's Final Works (Was: Re: I'm misunderstanding beguilement?)nt?

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I don't think anyone would disagree that his last four books were not the best things he'd ever written but I think each character still had a strong voice and characterisation didn't suffer from The Enbuggerment. I think that what really suffered was plot. From dealing with major events on the Disc, we kind of slide sideways into the effects of ongoing progress.  Which is a fruitful source of tension, don't get me wrong, but is somewhat less of a dramatic event than, e.g., the ascension of the first known-to-be-female Low King. 

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> I found that in his last few books, all of the protagonists sounded
> kind of the same -- they all had the same "voices" when they spoke,
> oh yes!  For example, they all had the "blah blah, oh yes!" pattern.
> I mentioned this to his agent (IIRC?), who attributed it to the
> manuscripts having being tidied up by Pratchett's assistant.

Supposedly his Alzheimer's was manifesting mostly towards the back of his
brain in the visual centers rather than the executive-controlling frontal
lobes.  But I don't think anyone who didn't have direct contact with him
really knows what changes to personality and cognition really took place.
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