[LMB] Prejudice on Barrayar

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 8 05:29:28 BST 2019

From: Lorelei Kaena <lorelei.kaena at gmail.com>

 Barrayar got there, but I doubt it got there quickly.
Remember how long ago this series was started, and how differently we understand (due to technological advancements) archeology and what finds we already have.
Herself hasn?t written much about the beginnings of the colony, but I very much doubt they went straight to infanticide and other atrocities (the expectation that the newly disabled will kill themselves, or be killed or hidden). Sure, it?s been done in some cultures, but given the known mix we have, it should have taken time to lose the taboo and build the ritual.

Gwynne: I thought the Bloody Centuries were 600 years. Definitely time
enough to evolve their civilisation, then lose the memory of the reasons
for some of their codes and actions.

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