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And the biggest, *make cloth*. I actually do it from raw fiber, to save money and occupy time, and for any amount you’re going to weave you’re going to need everyone you can get to be a decent spinner. 

You scrape skins with the knapped rocks, by the way, then soak them in vats of urine. Much better than chewing (but gets the enzymes). 


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>> Everyone would have been needed to help do anything. Do you know how much time it takes to make cloth?
>> That’s the answer to some of your questions about children, the elderly, and disabled. Cloth production from raw fiber is time consuming but nearly everyone can do each step.
>> Then there’s watching the kids. Why have an able-bodied woman in the house who can be working a field when a elderly or disabled person or people can ride herd on the kids? That’s why the living in family groups. It’s simple social dynamics.
>> They’ve found disabled, healed Neanderthals, who had obviously lived with their conditions but were useless to the group. We aren’t baseline savages.
> Except not "useless", as you detailed in your previous paragraphs. OK,
> they couldn't hunt, and perhaps even gather, but they could chew skins,
> knap flint, watch kids (and pots).
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