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Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 17:31:12 BST 2019

> Beatrice Otter
> I would think it would be the opposite, actually.? Because if it's
> something you can absolutely no argument choose, then you are CHOOSING to
> be $thing, whatever $thing is disfavored.? I would think there would be
> pressure to change whatever it was in you that society didn't like, whether
> that was skin or hair or sexuality or whatever.? Someone is choosing to be
> [fill in the blank], therefore they are choosing to do/be a bad thing,
> therefore it is Right and Proper and Just to treat them like hell because
> they are not conforming.
> Beatrice

I am currently reading "A Rosenberg by any Other Name"  and what Beatrice
is describing pretty much explains why during the 1920s "conforming is
everything" USA,  people petitioned the courts to change their name to
something more American, less foreign. Because employers and colleges did
not want the weird people, who could be spotted by their weird names. And
why those who did _not_ change their names were often so bitter about the
ones who opted for an easier life.

And later, why in the 1960s, where "Back To Your Roots" were the in thing,
name-changing slowed to a trickle.


book pusher, as a return courtesy to all the books recced here ;)

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