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That’s great! A much more relatable answer than mine. 

I also wish I could see the cotehardie, but I realize that’s probably impossible. 
Did she do the undercoats and shift as well, or get commercial make-dos for all that so it would fit a semester? Spin silk embroidery thread for ornementation or just be careful of brands, color, and fiber?

(I’m not a fiber artist and geek, no, not me!)


> On 8 Aug 2019, at 11:35, Pruehs, Ree <RPruehs at brooksupg.com> wrote:
> Lorelei Kaena wrote: 
>>> And the biggest, *make cloth*. I actually do it from raw fiber, to 
>>> save money and occupy time, and for any amount you?re going to weave 
>>> you?re going to need everyone you can get to be a decent spinner.
> And Jason Long wrote:
>> How cool! What would be your estimate of the time required to make a 
>> shirt or dress from start to finish? And do you find it more efficient to 
>> organize your workflow in stages (all the fiber processing in one stage, 
>> spinning thread in another, etc.) or to do it more-or-less in one continuous 
>> process?
> I can kindasorta answer this one because a friend of mine did it. Some of it, at least.
> For her senior class project for her degree in textile arts from Michigan State, she started with a really beautiful brown fleece and:
> Carded the wool
> Spun half the thread she needed with a spinning wheel
> Warped the loom (I believe with the thread she spun)
> Wove the cloth (using purchased thread for the weft)
> Felled the cloth in her bathtub
> Drafted a pattern
> Made a simple cotehardie using a sewing machine 
> Total time spent: 2000 hours. Minimum wage US at the time was $3. She used to call that cotehardie her $6000 dress.
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