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> It sounds so sweet, doesn't it: Bluebell and Lily.  But it's anything but.
> (I'm drawing here on information gleaned through the whole novella.)
> .... But she says that Bell allowed Reeve
> and Edjer to gang up on her, and always took the boys' side, the younger
> children are starting to do it too. That could just be a teenager talking.
> Or
> maybe Bell is backing her proper children against the cuckoo in the nest,
> punishing Lily for all the pain and suffering she caused just by existing.

Or maybe it's the girls vs boys thing? Fawn had the same from her brothers,
who actually threw her in the lake to make her scream.  Fun times.  We
don't see the inside of many farm families, but here's something that
everyone knows: Boys keep working the farm, girls take their due-share and
leave. Unless, like Aunt Nattie, they batten on to a relative and never
leave, but never have full head-of-household status like Fawn's mom.

Note that Fawn's sister-in-law to be was in great charity with Fawn when
she realized that not only was Fawn leaving, but she didn't have a wagon,
not taking her proper due share to her husband's tent.  Sure, they wrote it
down in the town's law book, signed by the parents and younger generation
all right and proper, but that would be a problem for later. Sis-in-law
might become head-of-household with her husband before Fawn came back, if
she ever did.

Did Bujold write that Fawn actually took anything from her childhood home
to her own new home? I don't remember.

> Meggie isn't surprised that Lily left. She comments on how much Lily had
> to do, as the eldest - acceptable in a farming family, but there didn't
> seem
> to be much more than chores for Lily. She also hints that Lily won't want
> to come back.
Again, like Fawn.  Who wants to hang out with brothers like this? Even
aside from her mother not liking her.
Someone rec a book where brothers treat their sisters well, I need an


it's weird reading the summaries with never reading the book ;)
thanks for all the work, Gwynne

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