[LMB] OT: Making a dress

Pruehs, Ree RPruehs at BROOKSUPG.COM
Thu Aug 8 19:34:30 BST 2019

> That's great! A much more relatable answer than mine. 

> I also wish I could see the cotehardie, but I realize that's 
> probably impossible. 

> Did she do the undercoats and shift as well, or get commercial 
> make-dos for all that so it would fit a semester? Spin silk 
> embroidery thread for ornementation or just be careful of 
> brands, color, and fiber?

>(I'm not a fiber artist and geek, no, not me!)

I'll see if I can get pictures. Ellen's sister may have some.

We are all members of the Michigan / Pentamere branches of the Society for Creative Anachronism, so I'm pretty sure Ellen already had all the appropriate underpinnings (although I know she has spun silk embroidery floss).  I haven't seen that dress lately, but IIRC there wasn't much if any ornamentation except maybe for the buttons. She wanted that fabric to stand on its own. With every right - it's lovely.

Unfortunately, this is the final week of the Pennsic War, which is why most of our SCA friends are out of town...

Ree, embroidery geek (and apprentice)

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