[LMB] Is Barr a rapist? or I'm misunderstanding beguilement?

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Thu Aug 8 19:39:10 BST 2019

The thing is, the only way we can study criminals is by looking at the ones
who are caught---who are, most likely, the bottom of the barrel, on the
average.  I once did, for my own amusement, a list of rules I would follow
if I were to take up a life of crime, and IMNSHO following those rules
would greatly reduce the chance of getting caught (time and chance happen
to us all).

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> >>> The chance of getting caught seems to deter people from crimes more
> >But I think for the average
> >> person, most felony penalties collapse into "my life is fucked"; in some
> >> sense 5 years in prison is better than life in prison but it's not a
> >> tradeoff I'd want to be making.
> >
> >But a least in America, that is a choice many people are forced to make.
> >Going to trial is very costly if you are convicted and many are convicted,
> >often by prosecutors misconduct. judges allowing perjured testimony,
> >testilying and so forth. Hence a deep curse may you be prosecuted for a
> >capital crime and may you be innocent.
> It's sadly not much better here: I'm currently reading "The Secret
> Barrister", an excoriating critique of the UK legal system from the
> inside.
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