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On Friday, August 9, 2019, 12:44:25 PM GMT+9, Sharon Micenko <wembleyware at gmail.com> wrote: 

>> but it has a very nice cough drop aftertaste!
> Cough drop bears?
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> "The future is here already.  It's just unevenly distributed."  - William Gibson
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> Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Best thing I've read today, mind you. 
> Cough drop bears.
> Micki

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Have you seen the Australian Museum’s distribution map for Drop Bears? Don’t go near these places without you Vick’s to distract them.. (Or Walgreen’s or whatever)

Micki: LOL, you know, the museum says that there's no evidence that their suggested
repellants (forks in hair, toothpaste behind ears) work, but . . . I notice that there's 
no evidence that they don't work. Vick's behind my ears might be an attractant. (In
the US, at least, Vick's Vaporub is a eucalyptus and/or camphor based rub for 
chest congestion and is used as a folk remedy for ear aches -- just in case I'm 
misreading you, and Vick's is also the name of an Australian pharmacy.) 


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