[LMB] OT: Cough Drop Bears

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 9 08:35:36 BST 2019

From: Sharon Micenko <wembleyware at gmail.com>

> Micki: LOL, you know, the museum says that there's no evidence that their suggested
> repellants (forks in hair, toothpaste behind ears) work, but . . . I notice that there's
> no evidence that they don't work. Vick's behind my ears might be an attractant. (In
> the US, at least, Vick's Vaporub is a eucalyptus and/or camphor based rub for
> chest congestion and is used as a folk remedy for ear aches -- just in case I'm
> misreading you, and Vick's is also the name of an Australian pharmacy.)

No, No, No! Don?t put it behind your ears! That?s fatal. You need the Vick?s cough drops, not the vaporub (yes, it?s the same here) and carefully throw them at least four or five metres away from you as you walk along.

Gwynne: Now you're just being silly.

Everyone knows that it's lamingtons and ANZAC biscuits that you scatter to
keep the drop bears away.

Vegemite is for Yowies.

And bunyips.... nothing protects you from bunyips.

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