[LMB] OverQuote Tixie checking in/Pizza Call

Lorelei Kaena lorelei.kaena at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 13:06:01 BST 2019

To be fair, I didn’t forget, I was asking an honest question. I want to call pizza on that, I wasn’t sure i could. 

So, Pizza call on the existence/validity of LGBTQI+ people in the real world (which is dehumanizing and leans strongly into U.S. politics), and can we keep it to how they are portrayed or deal in Herself’s works? 


> On 9 Aug 2019, at 00:39, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> From: "M R Dolbear fm" <little.egret at dolbear.fastmail.fm>
>> On Thu, 8 Aug 2019, at 17:13, Sylvia McIvers wrote:
>> Hi, gentlefolk all!
>> The OverQuote Tixie
>> It seems I missed an entire conversation from polite (ish?) beginning to
>> pizza to the traditional cheerful argument about pineapples on pizza.
>> This rather indicates that the Tixie ought to check in just a tad more
>> often.
> TWO pizza calls, but everyone forgot to put pizza  in the subject line the first time so easy to miss
> Gwynne: We're really not safe to leave unsupervised, are we.
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