[LMB] Misunderstanding beguilement

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 9 17:48:22 BST 2019

From: pouncer at aol.com

Following up -- though I confess disappointment at lack of general comment --
considering how you interpret Dag's groundwork on Copperhead, and whether
then the horse is afterwards "beguiled"; how then do you suppose Dag left
Aunt Natti?? That bit of groundwork/Lakewalker "magic" that matched his
own optic nerves and the part of the brain that interprets sight with
the parallel anatomy trapped behind Aunt Netti's cataracts ...
Serious work.

Gwynne: We're told that beguilement doesn't always happen after contact.
Later, Dag finds that it happens when the Lakewalker blocks a small return
of ground from the subject. He never beguiled Fawn because he was so
open to her and accepted her ground. Presumably he'd be the same with
Aunt Nattie.

Did Dag leave Natti beguiled?? If not, why assume Barr left Bluebell
beguiled?? Why assume "persuasions" or groundwork other than
healing has that effect?

Gwynne: I'm sure that Barr didn't leave Bluebell beguiled. We're told very
specifically how the beguiled behave, and there's no signs of that with
Bluebell. But we are told that Lakewalkers who dally with farmers do
sometimes leave them beguiled, and since I doubt they were doing any
healing, it seems that Barr wasn't the only one to use suggestions, and that
he at least didn't leave Bell beguiled after it, unlike others. (Maybe some of
those bereft lovers weren't healed or given suggestions, maybe it was just
a sort of backwash during the... er.... moments of distraction?)

I'm thinking it does ?not.? And I think there is a whole bunch of groundwork done
on critters, Farmers an Lakewalkers among ?each other for which the ground-worker
shows little concern about any long term effects.? I am very inclined to let Barr off
the hook for the charge of deliberately imitating a malice, or Crane, in deliberately
enslaving Bluebell's mind.?

Gwynne: Dag believes that Lakewalkers don't beguile each other because they're
able to easily accept ground from each other, without even noticing it. Contact
with farmers doesn't always beguile them, either. But Hod is beguiled. And his
behaviour is very different to Bell or Nattie, after groundwork. Copperhead is a
different case: I doubt he's beguiled since he's generally homicidal, but maybe
in his twisted brain that IS how he shows beguilement?

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