[LMB] [LISTBIZ] What's the policy on pizza being called on a discussion that isn't happening?

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 9 21:24:36 BST 2019

At 03:38 PM 8/9/2019 Lorelei Kaena wrote:
>  Do continuing slurs and bigotry rate Pizza?

 From the list's FAQ:

"A call of "Pizza?" indicates that the caller felt the language 
in a post or posts was becoming inflammatory. Note that pizza is 
not to be called on a subject preemptively (as in, "I think this 
is a dangerous subject to discuss"). The actual language being 
used must be getting heated, or loaded so that a heated exchange 
seems likely, or headed flameward. A post which includes a pizza 
call should be so noted in the subject line, in addition to the 
current subject. Pizza requests should not include content about 
the subject, just the elements (a) this is a pizza call, and (b) 
a neutral naming of the topic or a repeat of the problem 
thread's subject line, if that uniquely identifies it.

If three people call for pizza on a thread, list discussion of 
it should cease immediately. Remember, however, that e-mail 
arrives erratically and some people read the list in digest 
format, so a few posts may arrive after three calls for pizza 
are made."

It seems clear to me that intentional slurs and bigotry should 
count as being inflammatory.

My personal answer to the question of whether calling pizza is 
the right choice is "maybe". If it is one person doing it in the 
middle of an otherwise okay conversation, doing whatever your 
mail client's answer for kill-filing the offender is seems like 
the best choice to me. I don't think valid conversations should 
have to end because a single person can't behave. If the 
conversation has been reduced to the level of name-calling by 
multiple people, I think calling pizza is a good choice, 
particularly if no reasonable conversation is taking place 
and/or it is all off-topic.

I find lists like this one to be much better if I don't have to 
see posts from people who repeatedly misbehave and have 
kill-filed multiple people over the years. Almost all mail 
clients have some method for automatically deleting messages 
from certain people. If no one reads or responds to the trolls 
and other misbehavers, sometimes they decide to go look for 
attention elsewhere. If not, at least I personally don't have to 
see their posts.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm

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