[LMB] KC - Malice 101

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 10 13:21:18 BST 2019

Yep, it's a malice.

Good news: It's still sessile.

Bad news: It's making mudmen.

Worse news: Lily, her ground blazing, has totally ignored 'Do Not Move'.

Even worse news: Barr used his knife on another sessile on the way home.

Lily, of course, isn't shielded. And she'd be tasty malice food. So they
end up fighting off a slimy half-built raccoon-man. Or possibly wolverine-
man. Barr's old leg injury (thank you bat-malice) makes fighting in rough
ground painful and difficult. He's busy being throttled when Lily thumps
the mud-man over the head with a branch the size of a fence post. And
thump. And thump. With Eeek! and Ew! and DIE!

Barr thinks she looks so cute.


Lily has terrible blight burn, throwing up miserably. Barr has been
slightly shredded. But they got away, which is what counts. And they
have to head to the nearest camp. Yep, Barr has to go home. With Lily.

It's not a pleasant ride.


He's recognised at once, 'Young Barr Foxbrush'. Maybe there's a lot to
be said for moving to a new camp. You can be judged on how you are,
not how you were.

Barr reports the malice. Amma is pleased to see him, and businesslike.
But there's affection for him underneath it all.

Verel in the healer's tent is used to patrollers and their problems.
Unfortunately he recognises Lily as Barr's child. Barr heads him off.
Interestingly, Verel's new apprentice has just done a 'two-month
rotation' with Dag and Arkady - it sounds as if that's a regular thing,
now, in many camps. Success!

Barr begs for beds for the night, he can't face his family this late, this
hurt, this tired.

Telling the story of Lily gets Barr through a horrific episode with Verel's
needle, and nearly fifty stitches. I winced while reading that part.

Could she be a Lakewalker? Every Lakewalker who's scanned her so far
assumed she was a Lakewalker. Some camps would take her. Luthlia
wouldn't hesitate, they'd take anyone.

Barr wants to scuttle off to Dag in the morning - but neither he, Lily
nor the horses would be ready for that trip.

And there's a bit ooops. Yina, the other healer, told Lily that Barr
was her father, assuming she already knew.

Well, it had to happen some time.

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